Running in the LA Rain? Try Swimming on the Concrete

Yesterday was my third training run for June’s half-marathon! It was another four-mile day, but this time, I got to do it in the rain. It basically monsooned or drizzled for three days straight, but seeing as we’ve barely seen any rain in months, the whole water-from-the-sky thing was a welcomed break from the SoCal drought. Grey skies and cozy sweater weather make me feel like I’m back east, too – can’t argue with that.

I didn’t want to throw my schedule off for the rest of the week, so I waited for a break in the rain, threw on a baseball hat and shorts, and head outside. The break lasted for about fifteen minutes, but at least it got me to hit the pavement.

It may have been cold and drenched my clothes, but the rain was a bit of a blessing. Besides the fact that it was kind of fun to try to avoid puddles (or swimming pools, as the L.A. sidewalk drainage system is just top notch), I knew that the faster I ran, the faster I would get back inside. I had my best results yet: I ran for 25 straight minutes (I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life), and ran for 35 minutes total of the entire four-mile run/walk. I also cut six minutes off my time from last week, which means I either moved really slowly last week or that whole running thing makes a big difference.

Any which way, I’m really happy about my progress, and it’s only been three weeks! Maybe by June I’ll stop saying, “But seriously, I’m not a runner.”

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