Ridiculously Delightful LA: Snow Monster of Koreatown

I am a sucker for neon. Neon lights, neon colors, neon Sharpies. If the entire world was fluorescent, I would not be upset, which I understand is confusing from a former emo kid, but we all fake grow up sometime (I haven’t, but apparently it’s a thing some people do). Everything is just better screaming in your face like a highlighter made up of pure joy.

Last weekend, I have hit my ultimate neon jackpot thus far: the made-to-be-Instagrammed Snow Monster, an ice cream sandwich and tea/coffee shop in Koreatown’s Chapman Plaza. I am a Neon Gypsy, but I am also a Cookie Monster, so this tiny shop was the sugarhigh of my already sugar-fueled dreams.

If you choose to visit this delightful establishment, the first thing you’ll notice is the line. Stay strong. This isn’t the first line you’ve stood on in Los Angeles. If you really want to attempt to avoid lines, Snow Monster is a local SoCal chain with additional locations in Westminster, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Irvine, so good luck sitting in traffic on the 5 (unless you live in the O.C. in which case, you lucky sugar fiends).

Next, you’ll be gifted with a menu, which you’re having trouble staring at because there is a giant cotton candy machine in front of you.

Start your decision making with the drinks. You can get Thai iced coffee, Thai iced tea milk teas, or lemonades in regular to-go cups, but you will pay an extra $2.70 to get these colorful, sweet-enough-to-melt-your-teeth concoctions in an oversized, reusable glass lightbulb. Once you’ve made this wise decision, you can then choose to make your beverage a Flower Crown (comes decorated with a Coachella-ready flower crown), Monster Cloud (the top is covered in freshly-made cotton candy), or a Rainbow Cloud (cotton candy sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles!). All three options come with boba. I didn’t get boba or cotton candy on my coffee, because like the store’s name suggests, I’m a monster, but lucky for you, my friend Lee did:

Now that you’re dreaming of the caffeinated sugar coma you’ll slip into shortly, it’s time to pick your dessert. You sandwich options are giant, adorable macaroons or chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos, and they’ve got about 8 ice cream flavor to choose from.

My sweet of choice will always be a chocolate chip cookie, and my boyfriend Dan’s will always be ice cream, so there is a 97% chance the Colombian Coffee + Oreos ice cream smushed between two massive Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies was made specifically for us. We also shared the Thai iced coffee, but I opted for Snow Monster’s coconut almond milk instead of half-and-half, because I prefer the taste of coffee to heavy cream created by a lunatic.

Five of us were enjoying a Koreatown day, which meant there were enough of us to try basically the entire menu. Megan got the almond cloud macarons with the coffee ice cream, Heather drank a Sunset Strawberry Lemonade Monster Cloud (shades of orange, red, and purple), and Dave opted for the toffee macarons with vanilla ice cream.

We didn’t try the entire menu, but by God, did we make an effort. Because remember, kids: you must be the Cookie Monster you wish to see in the world.

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