Running in the LA Rain? Try Swimming on the Concrete

Yesterday was my third training run for June’s half-marathon! It was another four-mile day, but this time, I got to do it in the rain. It basically monsooned or drizzled for three days straight, but seeing as we’ve barely seen any rain in months, the whole water-from-the-sky thing was a welcomed break from the SoCal […]

Emily Summarizes Her 2013 with Bulletpoints Because She’s Too Lazy To Write Out Her 2014 Resolutions

I have a long list of resolutions for 2014, but I haven’t written them down in crayon yet. So for now, please enjoy the list of things I accomplished or just did in 2013. I included pictures: Hiked Mt. Wilson and Yosemite Devised my own accidental 10-mile walking tour around San Francisco. Went to two […]