Ridiculously Delightful LA: 9 Coffee Shops Worth Pretending to Write In

Hi, my name is Lorelai Gilmore, and I am addicted to coffeecoffeecoffee. OK, maybe I’m not actually Lorelai, but I’m probably as close as you’ll find to her in real life, save for that having a kid at 16 part. I talk too fast, too much, ask too many questions (seriously, what did happen to all the […]

Ridiculously Delightful LA: Snow Monster of Koreatown

I am a sucker for neon. Neon lights, neon colors, neon Sharpies. If the entire world was fluorescent, I would not be upset, which I understand is confusing from a former emo kid, but we all fake grow up sometime (I haven’t, but apparently it’s a thing some people do). Everything is just better screaming […]