About Me

Welcome to my weird, delightful lil corner of the Internets. I’m Emily Krauser. I’m a writer, copyeditor, storyteller, and social media strategist living in California, but I’m a born and raised Jersey Girl (and I won’t let you forget it).

I have a decade of entertainment journalism experience with specializations in pop culture, fashion, beauty, reality TV, and music. I currently post up as an Assignment Editor at ETonline. I also produce a monthly comedic storytelling show in Los Angeles about twenty- and thirtysomethings attempting to grow up called Stupid Smart Kids.

My personal essays and pop culture pieces have been featured in a number of publications, including XOJane, The Huffington Post, LA Confidential, Myspace, and AltPress. On my blog, I write about the joys of being a young adult cancer survivor, attempting to adult, and my travels (I’m an avid road tripper and have been cross-country six times).

I love driving endlessly, coffee, palm trees, comedy, and sarcasm. I liberally use unicorn hair dye, sharpies, and ellipses… I am overly nostalgic for all things ’90s, especially if these things involve Doc Martens, smiley faces, and Nickelodeon, and Rainbow Brite. I can quote Empire Records and Gilmore Girls in my sleep. I am not ashamed to admit that I still listen to emo/pop-punk music and go to Warped Tour, because I need something to defend besides Jersey and poor dating choices.

Need a pop culture freelance writer? You’re lookin’ at her! Want to work on a TV or film project? I do those, too! E-mail me — I’d love to collaborate with you!